Ingredients: (Serves 2)
1 packet of asparagus (approximately 180g- 200g)
8 large prawns, deshelled
3 tablespoons of minced garlic
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
2 tablespoon of XO

1. Rinse the asparagus under running water.
2. Trim the fibrous skin of the asparagus using a sharp knife or kitchen peeler.
3. In a large pot of boiling water, blanch asparagus for approximately 3 minutes. Set aside.
4. Heat cooking oil in a wok over high heat.
5. Add minced garlic and stir fry till golden brown.
6. Add large prawns and stir fry till pink in colour.
7. Add oyster sauce and 30 ml of water.
8. Add asparagus and continue to stir fry.
9. Lastly, add XO sauce and stir fry for another 1 minute.
10. It is now ready to be served!