Fortune Extra Smooth Silken Egg Tofu 鸿运嫩滑蛋豆腐 1 tube

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1 tube

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The Fortune range of egg tofu and tofu tube has been enjoyed by man Singaporeans since the early 80’s. Using premium grade 100% Non-GMO Canadian soya beans, only the first pressed extraction of the soya bean milk is used to produce Fortune egg tofu and tofu tube.

Fortune egg tofu is known for its fragrant and rich egg taste, enhancing the flavour any dish whether braised or stir-fried.

Fortune egg tofu and tofu tube is produced in Singapore with no preservatives to ensure freshness and quality for our customers.

Fortune Egg Tofu With Omega: It has a fragrant and rich egg taste. Its texture makes it versatile to be cooked various methods such as braised, steamed, soup or fried dishes. It also has additional nutrients of omega 3 extracts from vegetable sources.